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Solo concerts or with TONUS-Ensemble Stockholm

Danny Becher in concert

INVOCATION - solo by Danny Becher

tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls,
kalimba, lithophone (granit stone),
china gongs, the voice and overtones.


Danny Becher

TONUS-Ensemble Stockholm

TONUS-Ensemble - Stockholm
Danny Becher, Peo Hagfeldt (†), Pauli Mårsén

singing bowls, voices - overtones, kalimba,
didjeridou, udu, japanese drum, percussion
TONUS -Ensemble Stockholm


TONUS-Ensemble Stockholm

Danny Becher and Jayant Bäckstrom

Danny Becher, Jayant Bäckstrom

Gregorian chant, singing bowls,
flutes, violin, piano + voice.

Jayant Bäckström, swedish musician living in Uppsala,
teaches traditional swedish and irish folkmusic on violin and flute
and classical piano. For information and contact:


Jayant Bäckström

Booking a concert

to book a concert kindly get in touch with me:
0031-6-2345 0287 or 0046-708 846 873


Burma gong, crystal and tibetan bowls 

crystal bowls and tibet bowl