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TONUS -Ensemble Stockholm

Peo Hagfeldt(†), Danny Becher, Pauli Mårsén.
This world/ethno oriented music is an exposition of sounds from instruments of different cultures. Even the voice is being used in a unique way, by using its natural harmonic overtones as a melodic expression, as is done in the mongolian tradition, but combining with melodic movements inspired by the gregorian chant.
The voice, the didgeridoo from Australia, singing bowls from Tibet, Thailand, India and Japan, gongs from china, the udu (percussive clay pot) and various percussion instruments give the music a wide range of sound colours, that take the listener on a journey of exploring new musical landscapes and dimensions.

TONUS-Ensemble Stockholm recordings:
TONUS - Dreamworld Harmonics
TONUS II - Sticks and stones


TONUS-Ensemble Stockholm


Peo Hagfeldt ()

swedish producer, freelance percussionist and drummer,
singer and instrumentalist,
performed in different musical genres ranging from classical to afro/american music.

He studied percussion at the Academy of Music, Stockholm.


Pauli Mårsén

swedish musician and workshop leader,
studied the didjeridoo in Australia.
Annual visits to the country of origin give new inspirations.

Next to his musical activities Pauli is an international known lecturer
and practicioner in different healing methods


Danny Becher

german musician, presently residing in netherlands, is giving concerts, workshops and seminars on musical phenomena since 1981 in many european countries, and works as conductor for choirs in classical western music. -

Living in India for 9 years has formed his attitude towards life and music.

'Sound is a means of setting oneself into different vibrational patterns, for a better well being on physical, mental and emotional level.'


Danny Becher

TONUS-Ensemble Stockholm

TONUS-PeoHagfeldt (), DannyBecher, Pauli Mårsén 

TONUS - Sticks and stones

The recordings for STICKS AND STONES were made in Stockholm too and we collected stones and wood from different places in sweden, to give this recording some 'special' sounds. As a guest musician for this recording Vigyan was invited, who came over from the west coast and also he brought different additional woods and metal pieces for some more 'sound colours' on this album.


TONUS II - musicians and instruments

Danny at Ängsbacka, sweden 

Pauli in Uppsala, sweden 

Peo at Ängsbacka, sweden