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ADHD - by Dick de Ruiter and Danny Becher

Healing Sounds for ADHD:
New Therapeutical Perceptions (Book & CD) (Paperback)

Book Description
This practical guide opens with an overview of state-of-the-art therapeutic counseling and medical treatment for children suffering from ADHD. Then Dick de Ruiter describes the possibilities of accompanying this treatment with special sounds and music, which up until now, have not been seriously considered as therapeutic tools in the treatment of ADHD. The accompanying CD, produced by DANNY BECHER, contains the sounds of his voices, singing bowls, chimes, and other instruments that have proven to have a special effect on both body and mind. It can serve as background during therapy, communication training, or relaxation exercises, but it can also be used at home to immerse the child in a warm and comfortable sound bath. Several tracks have neurosonic qualities that have a direct and calming effect especially on children with ADHD. Once they've experienced that effect, these children are often highly motivated to listen regularly to the CD.

About the Author
Dick de Ruiter is a yoga teacher and sound therapist. He introduced New Age music in Holland in the seventies and developed a series of tapes containing guided relaxation and visualization exercises. He lives in the south of France.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Binkey Kok (November 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9078302135
ISBN-13: 978-9078302131 see Binkey Kok Publications)

Available in english, german, french and dutch language


ADHD - book and CD

Sounds like OM - Book & CD

Dick de Ruiter, Danny Becher and Marjolein Berkvens

This book & CD set contains a unique way to learn everything you want to know about the Sri Yantra symbol and the primal OM sound, which have been used for ages by Far Eastern yogis to facilitate concentration and meditation.

With simple sing-along exercises and meditations, the book offers insights you will be able to put into practice instantly, allowing you to enhance your mental and physical health considerably.

The CD features tracks of voices in a variety of options and forms to choose from. You can train your voice and breathing with some tracks, and others are made to be internalized as a sound meditation on the intense tranquility and beauty of the OM mantra, which can only be experienced in the here and now.

Hardcover with cd 63 pages
ISBN 978 90 78302 049
Binkey Kok Publications Wilhelminapark 6 2012 KA Haarlem The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)23-5411190 Fax: +31(0)23-5274404
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Available in english, german, french and dutch language


Klinkt als OM - Ruiter/Becher